DIY Home NAS: add MiniDLNA support

A little addendum about the Alix + Voyage linux guide. I forget to add a little service on my NAS, useful with my Samsung smart TV: a DLNA server.

Install MiniDLNA
# sudo apt-get install minidlna
# sudo apt-get clean
Configure MiniDLNA

Now we need to configure the MUSIC and FILM folders and let MiniDLNA scans and populates its database. Minidlna config file is /etc/minidlna.conf. Stop MiniDLNA with # service minidlna stop and edit the config file. Remember to change db_dir and log_dir options (because Voyage filesystem is in read-only mode, you need to put the MiniDLNA database on your external USB drive. For example

# Path to the directory that should hold the database and album art cache.

# Path to the directory that should hold the log file.

You need also to define the video and audio folders, for example

Some others minor configurations

You can also change the friendly_name option and model_name if you want to rename your MiniDLNA server name.

Now you can remountro your filesystem and start MiniDLNA server. The server will scan all your media folder and will be ready for sharing your media files with any DLNA client.