CanonTimer Version 1

Welcome to my first Arduino DIY project. I need a intervalometer in order to do some time-lapse video. On amazon or ebay you can find a standard timer for less than 40€ but I want to build it by myself 🙂

A lot of DIY timer can be discovered using Google, but this is too simple. So I bought an Arduino Uno, some electronics parts, and now I can share my CanonTimer project with the first version!

SchemaYou can found the Arduino code and schematics on my Bitbuchet GIT repository.

In this first version the user interface is very simple:  there are nine hardcoded delays assigned to nine different programs

  • 5 seconds – Program 0
  • 10 seconds – Program 1
  • 15 seconds – Program 2
  • 30 seconds – Program 3
  • 45 seconds – Program 4
  • 60 seconds – Program 5
  • 90 seconds – Program 6
  • 120 seconds – Program 7
  • 180 seconds – Program 8
  • 300 seconds – Program 9

You can select the time delay using the right button. Once the program is selected, you can start the timer using the left button. Every XX seconds the led will blink.

Yes…the led…in this first version there isn’t a real connection to a Canon Camera. In the upcoming releases I will introduce some other improvements:

  • Wired connection to the Canon Camera 🙂
  • A more complete user interface, without hardcoded time delays but with a 4 digit 7-segment display and (+) and (-) buttons in order to specify a custom delay