Setup a Raspberry Pi TOR proxy

This is not a real HOW TO, it’s a two-step guide for setting up a Raspberry PI (with a wifi usb adapter) in order to create an easy-to-use TOR proxy on a WiFi Access Point.
Two simple steps:

  1. Create a Wifi Access Point on your Raspberry following this guide:
  2. Install and configure TOR using this git repo:

So simple!

Kali linux Post-IT

This is another personal Post-IT about some kali linux tools. Every time I forgot the various options or steps in order to do some basic tasks.

This is NOT an Hacker HOW-TO. Remember to use those tools only on your own network and on your own device as target!

Ettercap for dummies

  • Open Ettercap and select Sniff –> Unified sniffing (CTRL + U)
  • Scan for hosts (CTRL + S)
  • Open hosts list (CTRL + H) and select your target as TARGET 1
  • Open Mitm –> ARP posioning  —> select “Sniff remote connections”
  • Stop sniffing (Maiusc + CTRL + E) and start again (Maiusc + CTRL + W)
  • View connections (Maiusc + CTRL + C)

Bettercap for dummies

Install “.bettercap/bettercap-ca.pem” certificate on target device. No needs to set iptables rules or run aprspoof. Remember some bettercap command line options:

  • -T <target ip>
  • -I <interface>
  • -X (enables sniffing)
  • –proxy (enables http proxy)
  • –proxy-https (enables https proxy)
  • –log <logfile>
  • -P ‘<parser name>’
  • –full-duplex
  • –log-http-response