Welcome back, and happy new year!

I’m back…and I’m back with a lot of news 🙂

  • First of all, I changed the website hosting. After some years of (free) web hosting I had to search for another solution for this site and for another two blogs that I manage. (www.asvirtus.it and www.bandacastanoprimo.it).  My choice was the Shared Hosting by DreamHost.com. Cheap, no limits, fast setup, easy control panel….so perfect to me!
  • After four months waiting for the 9$ Arduino Board (my shipment is lost, I think) I decided to buy an Arduino Uno on Ebay for a new small project…more news coming soon 🙂Schema
  • I published a new little Android software on Google Play, “Webcam Valle d’Aosta”: a very simple application that shows the main webcam of Italian Alps (no english translation, only italian)
  • The last news is…my new Laptop.  After 5 years I said “GoodBye” to my old Sony Vaio and I’ve joined the “Apple” side with a beautiful and powerful Mac©®™ Book Pro Retina 13”. Yes….I’ve always been an Apple enemy and a great fanboy of OpenSource and Linux. But now I’m old…and bored of spending my time configuring my laptop at every “apt-get upgrade”. A new laptop with Windows 8 is the worst thing, so I chose a “working and easy to use” version of Linux: Mac®™© OS-X. I can do everything with it: coding and programming (arduino, android, cyanogenMod), photo editing, playing with my favorites games (Diablo III for example works like a charm on my Retina©™® display) etc etc etc…Yes…the MBP-Retina is a little bit expensive (with expanded RAM – 16GB ), but this little boy is, simple, perfect.

So…happy new year and stay tuned for the next news 🙂